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CBP help us get where we want to go faster, motivating our people, building a high performance learning culture, and saving us both time and money.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“As a non-executive director, Lasy is a laser-guided weapon against group-think. She monitors the group dynamic and injects challenge, caution and urgency when needed. Her wider business experience significantly contributes to decision making and helps avoid industry-specific tunnel vision often experienced by SME management teams.

From the programmes and training: CBP facilitate the development, and accelerate the implementation, of our strategy. Put simply, they help us get where we want to go faster, catalysing the decision making and team communication processes – motivating our people, building a high performance learning culture, and saving us both time and money.

As coaches, the coaching process forces the evaluation of objectives and priorities on a regular basis, providing the control feedback loop linking strategy and implementation. Lasy creates a safe environment for you to be honest with yourself, identify blocking issues and explore options before committing to action.”

John Newman, Client Success Director – Anderson Acoustics

“This training dispelled my criticisms, humbled me and gave me an arsenal of tools to help me be a better manager. There was so much I didn’t know. Not only did they help me realise it, they gave me the confidence to take that knowledge to my day-to-day. I’ve used this training to create my own ‘Team Contract’ session to reset the ground-rules for my team and hopefully improve communication”

Mikey Allan, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“This is the best thing any company has given me ever. I loved every minute of the training with Jamie & Lasy. The sessions were always the highlight of my week, and I knew I’d come away from each one knowing myself a little better, which is an enormous gift. The course was a huge boost for me in terms of empathy with those with different dispositions to myself, and really helped me navigate some difficult waters. Would love to learn from them again!”

Ali Lockie, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“Lasy is a dynamic, forward thinking and challenging mentor and I found her advice and support invaluable as I transitioned the company into employee ownership, my chosen exit route. Amongst other things, she provided me with insightful gems during the planning and preparation stages, facilitated the valuation process and imparted an understanding of company finances to the new employee owners. Mooncup is now 100% employee owned.”

Su Hardy, Founder – Mooncup

“Jamie has acted as a non-exec director on our senior management team for around a year and has added a huge amount of insight and expertise to the business, helping the team reflect on where we have been, where we are going and why we are doing it. Whilst new to the education sector, Jamie has been a huge asset, learning quickly about the funding and political environment around education and acting as both critical friend to the company and sounding board for key decisions. Currently helping us developing ideas around bringing in investment and developing new strands of the business, Jamie has become an important member of the team and much more than a consultant would normally offer.

Dan Wallman, Managing Director – DV8 Sussex

“As a new manager, Jamie and Lasy helped me understand how to communicate with my peers. I am now able to tailor my conversations depending on my audience.”
Christian Caterham, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“It’s really helping me to feel confident in my decisions, more supported (and therefore less stressed) and better able to deal with difficult situations. I think my team is feeling the benefit of that already and I certainly am.”
Bex Carson, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“My coaching sessions with Lasy have had such an impact on my personal and professional life. They have enabled me to understand myself better, learn strategies to deal with challenging situations and to ultimately feel happier and more fulfilled. I would highly recommend doing any kind of work with Lasy, she has made a real difference to how I approach life.”
Jess Jebari, Head of Operations – Clearleft

“Jamie and Lasy struck a great balance between making sure we were progressing and giving us the space and time we needed to learn from each other too. I came out of every week with my mind full of new things to think about in how I managed. The common language it’s given us as managers at Brandwatch has made some conversations that used to be difficult much easier.”
Rob Stanley, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“I have found Lasy extremely helpful in enabling me to continue to grow and develop to meet the challenges of running a growing social enterprise. She has provided me with the perfect mix of professional expertise and advice along with sensitive emotional support. I have also appreciated that she is willing to challenge my perspective when needed and is very responsive to what is needed on the day”
Joy MacKeith, Strategic Director – Triangle

“I was a very new manager when I started the training. Over my 12 or so years working I’d always worked solely with just me, and my boss, in mind. Suddenly I had someone else’s career to look out for, and it was scary! Almost instantly I learnt things that felt like a lightbulb turning on – how to understand motivations and needs, and that SHOCK – OTHER PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY TO ME. I know it sounds mad but the way that was framed in the first session really set me up in trusting and believing the programme. Every session I learned something that I took away and used in practice. As a first-time manager, I feel like the programme really helped establish mine and my team’s relationship at work, and I’m now using the techniques with a new member of my team, too.”
Natalie Stewart, Manager – Brandwatch

“I was a little sceptical at first, given previous management training courses I’ve been on, but Max, Jamie and Lasy’s approach was refreshingly up-to-date and different. They all brought a supportive and challenging energy to the proceedings that enabled everyone to flourish and contribute in a way I hadn’t expected, as well as some real-world personal experience that gave the course even more of a relevant edge. I felt like I’d really accomplished something by the end of the course and can honestly say that I learnt a lot about myself in addition to being a better manager as a result of their guidance.”
Dallas, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

“Having been on management training courses in the past I was slightly cynical at first, but I kept my mind open, and in the end I was delighted to have been proven wrong. I found it a very engaging, introspective and at times emotional experience that has changed the way I work, for the better.”
Andy Polhill, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

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