Lead & Learn Peer Groups

Lead and Learn Peer Groups

Become part of community of support and learning

Lead and Learn Peer Groups

One of the best ways to keep leadership skills sharp and work through your bigger challenges is to tap into the power of a professionally facilitated community of peers.

For you


With our regular monthly lead and learn sessions you get to practice, develop and benefit from key leadership skills such as coaching, feedback, accountability and strategic thinking by being part of group that supports each other.

Each session leaves you with an action or a challenge to work with until the next one, the group helps you with these and your progress.

Our 2019 programme starts in central Brighton in September so we’ll be forming the initial groups before then. If you would like to know more or know others that might be interested, please get in touch.

For our local community


Community impact is important to us and involvement with organisations like Community Works helps us achieve that, however, for this programme we will be using part of the fees to:

  • Make a contribution via our host partner Propellernet to local homeless support charity Brighton Housing Trust from each group, each session
  • Sponsor the participation of a leader/manager from a local charity in each group
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