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Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery

What if you could harness the friction and confusion created by different personality types in your teams, and distil it into collaborative, harmonious momentum with everyone pulling together in the same direction?

The success of any business is built on the performance of its people. Insights Discovery gives you access to that potential.

We help people perform at their highest level – by improving their understanding of themselves. We then begin to apply this to each other, to understand what helps us all work at our best. This knowledge, combined with some practical exercises, makes for more effective working relationships by improving communication, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done. Innovation, creativity and productivity thrive as a result.

We now use Insights Discovery extensively in our programmes because it helps us get further – faster. When an organisation helps its people reveal their individual combination of colour energies, they are better equipped to stay motivated and engaged, whether working individually, in a team or as a leader.

We used Insights Discovery with 80 managers at Brandwatch as part of our management development programme. They found it so beneficial they asked us to bring it into some of their teams.

Learning That Sticks

Insights Discovery uses a language of colour that is simple to understand – and remember. This means people can continue to use this terminology on a daily basis, which is vital when conflicts arise, team dynamics change or there is a change of leadership. However, the depth available once you are familiar with the basics is almost limitless.

How It Works

Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible four-colour model that helps us to understand ourselves – and others. Every person has all four-colour energies within them, the combination of which creates each unique personality. Our colour energies refer to a set of characteristics that tend to be our most preferred, or most natural, way to be:

Insights Discovery Colour Energies

Insights Discovery can be used in a workshop setting or in one-to-one coaching. Once our online evaluator is completed, each person receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. An extremely powerful tool, it can be used to resolve conflict, improve communication and help teams see the value of each other’s contribution at work. 

Solving real business problems

When you start your journey with Insights Discovery, you’re investing in your people and giving them the tools to be able to work better together, forever.

Insights also offers other models, based on Insights Discovery, designed to further help teams, leaders and sales people. The models can be combined to create a solution for your team or organisation, helping solve a vast range of business problems: managing change; creating a diverse and inclusive culture; and building successful customer service and sales teams. And these are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless.

Want to know more?

The best learning comes from solving real problems – so we only work on real live business challenges.